Key Harbour, the best Ontario Fishing Lodges on the Georgian Bay

Exceptional  Fishing

While fishing on the Georgian Bay you can expect to catch a variety of fish such as; Pike, Walleye/Pickerel, Perch, Pan Fish, Large and small mouth Bass. Pristine semi-isolated fishing areas are located on the North Eastern shore of the Georgian Bay. Chris, Carol and kids along with Pete are your friendly and helpful hosts. We would like to invite you to stay with us and enjoy the outdoors and everything else that Key Harbour Lodge and the Georgian Bay have to offer. We have one of the best Ontario Fishing Lodges in Canada!

Key Harbour, the best Ontario Hunting Lodges on the Georgian Bay

Small to Large Game Hunting

We at Key Harbour Lodge are surrounded by crown land in the Georgian Bay area so the avid hunter will find not only plenty of small game; such as Partridge, Grouse, and Duck. We also have larger game like Black Bear, Deer and Moose. We offer guided Black Bear hunting packages with sites on both crown land and private property. Some sites are available via four-wheeler while others are available by boat. For Hunters who prefer to take aim with their camera instead of a gun there is plenty of wildlife throughout the area. Red Fox, Raccoon, Beavers, Otter, and Rabbit and many different species of birds are here for you to “shoot”!

Key Harbour, the best Ontario Kayaking Lodges on the Georgian Bay

Water Sports & Kayaking

Kayaking, is there any better way to experience the beauty and everything that the Georgian Bay has to offer? Kayaking through the Georgian Bay is truly an unforgettable experience. With its warm breezes, glacial smooth islands, and its many secluded bays, you can’t help but to fall in love with Georgian Bay. The rugged windswept coast of the Georgian Bay is steeped with an incredible history and an ever changing beauty. The sparkling clear waters will entice you for a soothing dip, and the sun baked rocks are perfect for relaxing the mind, body, and soul. The Georgian Bay is one of the most popular kayaking locations in eastern Canada.


Welcome to Key Harbour Lodge


Fishing enthusiasts are not alone at Key Harbour Lodge. Year after year families, couples and friends return to take in all that the Georgian Bay, and the 30,000 Islands have to offer. As well as the astounding fishing environment, Key Harbour Lodge has plenty of lush natural wilderness, sparkling waterways, and picturesque shorelines. The young, and the young at heart will enjoy hiking, kayaking, canoeing, boating, peddle boating, swimming, blueberry picking, nature walks, and the picture perfect scenery by getting away from it all at this tranquil Northern get away.

monster_pike2 You may just get an eyeful of the many furry forest creatures and beautiful birds that call Key Harbour and the Georgian Bay area home. Bird watchers flock to the area to see the variety of feathered friends that visit. Moose, deer and beavers can also be viewed in their natural habitat. If you’re quick with the camera, and lucky enough to spot them you can take a souvenir photo of one of the many creatures that call the Georgian Bay area home. The many different species that can be seen are; black bear, moose, deer, otters, foxes, beavers, loons and everything in between. Georgian Bay has so much to offer.


our_locationsOverlooking the harbour at the mouth of Key River and Georgian Bay, Key Harbour Lodge displays the many islands and shoals in a breathtaking panoramic view of the Georgian Bay. Clean, comfortable cottages are secluded enough to ensure your privacy while allowing easy access to the Lodge and its amenities. Every cottage comes complete with clean crisp linen, modern appliances and all the comforts of home to help you unwind and rejuvenate for the next day’s adventure. We supply all the cookware you require to turn your catch of the day into a savory gourmet feast! Please remember to bring your own toiletries and towels.

Key Harbour is accessible by Boat Only. Helicopters in case of an emergency airlift to Sudbury can be completed in less than 20 minutes.


key_harbour_lodge_ownersYour hosts are here to help you locate the best spot to “catch the big one” or a nice area to go for a nature walk. You can trust Chris, Carol, Pete and the rest of their family because they only want to share with you the crystal waters, fresh air, and the relaxed atmosphere provided at Key Harbour Lodge and the Georgian Bay.

Key Harbour Lodge encourages you to partake in the fishing and scenic pleasures found among the 30,000 islands located just outside our front door in Georgian Bay. Travel through the majestic waters of Key River, Pickerel River and the French River which are abundant with a variety of fish ready to be tempted by your baits and lures. In our comfortable cottages you can embrace nature by enjoying beautiful sunrises, a peaceful day catching trophy Northern Pike, Golden Walleye(Pickerel), Large & Small Mouth Bass, Crappie, Pan Fish, Perch ready to be filleted and so much more, followed by a relaxing evening beginning with a stunning sunset.

Perfect for the beginner or intermediate level kayaker, Georgian Bay offers a variety of landscapes and scenery to enjoy. The Georgian Bay and the 30,000 Islands are an area many kayaker’s dream of kayaking. Clear waters, protected coves and a myriad of granite islands offer you a beautiful area that appeals to kayaking enthusiasts.