How to enjoy a Northern Ontario Fishing Lodges Trip 

A Canadian fishing trip is a great way to relax after a busy month. You could also use the opportunity to get in touch with Mother Nature and relieve stress. Either way, you will not regret it. You can choose to fly, drive or boat to the region that is a world class renowned fishing resort area.

Before leaving the USA for your Northern Ontario fishing lodges retreat, get to know what the authorities allow you to carry across the border. There are restrictions on what you can carry on a plane. If you drive to the area you can carry fishing gear, snacks, groceries and all other supplies you may desire. Simply drive to a fishing cabin or lodge of choice. If this is going to be your first time, you will want a map of the area. 

Georgian Bay and the Key River are ideal Ontario fishing destinations. We have numerous Ontario fishing lodges to accommodate your group’s requirements. You can choose between an American plan which includes meals, accommodations, boats and motors – or you may want the housekeeping package which provides your accommodation and boat and motor.

Key Harbour Lodge is accessible by boat only as we are 7 miles down the Key River on Georgian Bay. At this Northern Ontario fishing lodges you can get week long packages, or shorter stays. Our rental weeks normally run from 3 pm Saturday to 9 am Saturday – this allows time for proper cleaning. We have all the amenities – electricity, clean running water, showers and bathrooms in all cottages. All linens and bedding, dishes, cutlery, pots and pans, and modern appliances such as satellite TV, and propane barbeques are here for your convenience. 

For a week at any of Ontario fishing cabins, you will need a set of clothing that is suitable. Waterproof jackets are recommended. Remember to bring sun block and sunglasses as the sun reflecting off the water is much stronger and can cause you to get sunburn much faster than normal. 

For fishing Georgian Bay is the place to be! 

Walleye, pike bass and Muskie are some of the many different types of fish you can catch while fishing Georgian Bay. The fishing season for walleye and pike open the first of May.

Bass opens the 4th Saturday in June while Muskie open on the 3rd Saturday in June. These fish produce great fights and a trophy fish can be the result of your holiday. Fishing licenses can be purchased at our store. 

After fishing on the Georgian Bay, you can explore the 30,000 islands located in our little part of Georgian Bay. Some ancient Indian artifacts can still be found on some of these islands. You can pack a shore lunch and enjoy your day on the tranquil waters and peaceful islands, alone with nature’s gentle breezes, sun and birds.

If you have never gone fishing before, it would be a good idea to learn a few tips about it. Many pursue it as a hobby or sport. While not fishing Georgian Bay, guests can enjoy other exciting activities. Kayaking is one of them. You can rent kayaks thru Key Harbour Lodge for your stay. The best way to enjoy such trips is when you are with a group of friends.

Reading tips from fishing blogs and other forums online can aid you on how to properly fish on the Georgian Bay. Many of these blogs can provide you with hidden secrets of lures and techniques that worked for them during their stay while fishing Georgian Bay. 

To enjoy fishing on the Georgian Bay there are few direct accesses, we at Key Harbour Lodge are fortunate to be one of them. After parking at one of the marinas on the highway, you travel down a calm peaceful river which is well buoyed directly to Georgian Bay. Key Harbour Lodge sits at the mouth of the Key River, just before you enter Georgian Bay

Key Harbour Lodge offers some of the greatest fishing in the Georgian Bay area for Northern Pike, Walleye, Large and Small Mouth Bass, Muskie & Pan Fish.

Walleye Northern Ontario fishing lodges

Prime walleye fishing season is June. July: fishing in the later part of the day is best. August: generally fish in deep holes or fish early morning.

Muskie best Ontario fishing lodges

Usually starts mid August through to October.

Northern Pike

Pike fishing is prime May to mid June, but they still available all season. They become more active again in August with cooler water.
Fish remain active through October.

Pan Fish

Good fishing is early spring through September.


They love the warm water, so usually at the end of June right through September. Both large and small mouth can be found
The large mouth bass can be found in the quieter dark waters in the inlets  while the small mouth bass are located in more open areas.