What Are The Additional Facilities You Get Along With Kayaking In Georgian Bay?


If you are tired of lying on the couch during holidays and want to try something adventurous with your family but need clarification with various plans. Kayaking in Georgian Bay is the best place to spend your holidays if you are seeking a thrilling adventure. Get your strength all together and have fun with your family and friends. Not only kayaking but also fishing lodges, bear hunting, cozy cottages, and other fun and soothing activities. If you like the trip with enjoyment and thrill, our kayaking and paddling are the best options to pick for summer break. A great experience with incredible nature views.

The comfortable cottages give a top-notch feeling of relaxation, and privacy is never an issue for you. The excellent seafood makes your feast special. You get a lot of different experiences which give you the best holidays ever. You can explore different locations by just paddling. Get to know about many natural bodies. With peace of mind, you find yourself connected to Mother Nature. Take part in different activities like swimming, enjoying the sunset, and picking blueberries. Our service gives you a perfect package of holidays. Let’s have a look at some additional perks, start first with kayaking:

1. Kayaking Or Paddling

In kayaking, with the use of double-blade paddles, they sit in a low seat and stretch their legs forward. It is an environmentally friendly transport to get moving and travel in different water bodies. It is easy, even for the first-timers, a quick learning activity. It is also called a man-boat or hunting boat. This activity needs hard strength with the properly perfect fitness person. It gives you many health benefits and makes you healthy and active. During kayaking, you can also enjoy the best northern pike fishing in Georgian Bay.

2. Staycation

There are a huge number of properties at the Bay. Georgian Bay cottage rentals are the best choice for staying and looking for a memorable experience of vacations. The property is well-designed for couples, friends, and family, which suits their needs. After an all-day adventure when you need comfort and relaxation, the cottages fulfill all your needs to give you a pleasant place with great services. The all-day exploring with the best kayaking Georgian Bay ends at your restful rooms with the perfect relaxing environment.

3. Fishing

From rivers and streams to Georgian Bay, no matter which type of freshwater angler you are, there is a picture-perfect place to go. Fishing is an activity that is lovable for all age categories. For children it is fun, for adults it’s an expertise and for the senior citizens it is perfect to do things which make them relax. Our team is taking care of all the security. The different types of fish are found in Georgian Bay and give varieties of fishing. You have beaches here so you can peacefully have your place for fishing. Georgian Bay delivers fast-growing fish species due to the good water quality, food, and shelter conditions.

4. Hunting

Georgian Bay is one of the best-looking places with islands, cottages, and national parks. Hunting is one of the most popular activities of all. The mad fun about bear hunting is about the amazing landscapes of nature that make you fall in love with them. It would be best if you had time and experience to take part in bear hunting perfectly. Our experts are trained enough to tackle any unfortunate problem and give you a little training about this activity, which is helpful for you if you are facing any problems. This is a very enjoyable activity with the bears because they hide in holes, and you can enjoy seeing them scratching, eating, or hunting. Kayaking in Georgian Bay is fun with hunting.

5. Activities For Non-Fishing Groups

For those who want to enjoy nature, they have beautiful Sunsets and sandy beaches for swimming. Enjoy such activities with your loved one and create memories. For the artists, you have a great landscape for drawing in peace. Having the safari enjoyment with all types of wildlife, such as fox, bear, moose, etc., not the animals but you can see various types of birds with different beautiful species. You find yourself connected to nature with such activities, and you love picking wild blueberries. Along with all the fun activities, these soothing activities are relaxing and give you peace of mind from all the hustle of life.

Plan The Best Holidays With Us!

At Key Harbour Lodge, you will have premium kayaking in Georgian Bay, which offers an extraordinary experience surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and amazing views. The fun activities entertain you during the whole trip and give you memorable moments. Our services are quick and top-notch with all the quality. The experts plan your trip according to your package and make you able to cover all the activities with friendly behavior. Have a great experience of fun with adventurous activities. Visit the website and fill out the form to execute your trip. Contact us now!