Spring Bear Hunt Ontario

Located on the Key River in Ontario, Georgian Bay is home to some of the most beautiful islands, cottages and national parks in Canada. The Bay is massive and popular for hosting a variety of activities but fishing and bear hunting are among the most popular. If you are planning on going bear hunting Ontario, prepare yourself for some mad fun and a possibility of falling in love with nature in this region. 

Take your time and learn as much as you can about bear hunting. You can look for useful resources online like magazines or forums which discuss bear hunting in Canada. Getting the right information prior to your hunting excursion will help you in making proper preparations. Get informed about the proper hunting gear and supplies which you will need to carry. If you intend to carry a gun, ensure it has a permit and that all rules and procedures have been followed. 

Trust your local guide to identify the most suitable spots for bear hunting. We can help you to identify these hotspots near Key Harbour Lodge. You may want to gather more information about the black bear common to our area. Bear hunting on the Georgian Bay season opens September 3rd. 

Bear hunting Ontario can be risky affairs so always maintain a safe distance. Ontario hunting law requires that you wear hunter orange. If you have never gone bear hunting before, then do not go into the woods alone. Get someone who has experience in hunting to accompany you. This person should know the different habits and body languages which bears display when they are ready to attack. For instance, a sure sign of aggression for a bear is standing on its hind legs. This is a sign to back away slowly.

In general, bear hunting Ontario is bound to be loads of fun. Bears like hiding in holes or areas which are rough and covered with shrub. There is a vast territory in Georgian Bay where bears can be found. Information on bear hunting will give you the confidence and keep you safe while enjoying your Georgian Bay bear hunting trip.

We at Key Harbour Lodge are surrounded by Crown Land in the Georgian Bay area so the avid hunter will find not only plenty of small game, such as partridge, grouse and duck, but also the bigger game of bear, deer and moose. We offer guided Black Bear hunting packages with sites on both crown land and private property, some sites via 4 wheeler and others by boat only.
For the “Photographer Hunter”, the wildlife throughout the area also includes red fox, raccoon, beaver, otter, rabbits, many different species of birds and much more!

**Hunting on private and government property **Archery &/or Rifle ** The Hunt is from Saturday to Saturday 


Book bear hunting at the Georgian Bay

Fishing lodges are accommodations for anglers, offering convenient access to fishing spots, equipment, and knowledgeable staff. Here are some appealing benefits you must consider about Lodges:



7 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATION in Heated Housekeeping Cottage (size cottage as per number in group includes a boat for every 2 hunters) Orientation at the Lodge with your Guide on night of your arrival Pre-baited & prepped active sites (Tree stand provided) Transportation to site (via 4 wheeler ride, boat, and or small hike) Assistance with track & recovery, quartering & freezing (Skinning / butchering additional


Package A Reserve on the side:


$1400 CDN per HUNTER for FULL 6-DAY HUNT with:

ALL OF THE ABOVE (PACKAGE “A”) …. PLUS HOME COOKED MEALS AT THE LODGE Boats/motors available by the day . All Hunting fees are not refundable. Rates based on minimum of 2 hunters per group & DO NOT INCLUDE applicable taxes, Licenses or Permits (licenses & permits payable in cash Canadian funds – see rates below)

Package B Reserve on the Side:

MANDATORY IN CANADA: Blaze orange hunting vest & caps – Helmets while on ATV.


LICENSES FOR NON-RESIDENT HUNTERS & FISHERMEN To obtain a non-resident hunting license hunters MUST show proof of previous hunting experience. Hunting licences can be picked up at Canadian Tire in Parry Sound and fishing licenses are sold on site at our lodge. All Guns & Bow/Arrows should be registered with Canadian Customs before entering into Canada Handguns are NOT permitted in Canada All fishing and hunting licences require a Canadian/Non-Canadian outdoor card $9.68 valid for 3yrs HUNTING FEES (Canadian Funds – 2014): Bear – $224.66 FISHING FEES (Canadian Funds – 2014): Reg. 1 Year – $81.57, Conservation 1 Year – $50.52 Eight (8) Day Reg. – $52.41, Eight (8) Day Cons. – $29.97 FOR ANY QUESTIONS OR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US VIA EMAIL: info@keyharbourlodge.com OR CALL 705-346- 2841