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The Best Walleye Fishing Techniques for Different Seasons:

Have you ever felt the thrill of catching a walleye on a fishing trip? If you’re an avid angler, you may know that walleye fishing in Ontario is an exhilarating experience. However, if you want to maximize your chances of success, you need to adjust your techniques according to the seasons.

Here are some of the best walleye fishing techniques for different seasons:

Spring Fishing:

During the spring, walleye move to shallow water to spawn. Look for areas with rocky bottoms, as they provide ideal spawning grounds. Use jigs with soft plastic bait or minnows to lure the fish.

Summer Fishing:

In the summer, walleye tend to move to deeper waters, especially during the daytime. Look for drop-offs or structures where they can hide. Use crankbaits or spinnerbaits to attract the fish.

Fall Fishing:

As the water temperature drops, walleye move to shallower waters again. Look for areas with rocky or weedy bottoms, and use jigs or live bait to catch them.

Winter Fishing:

Ice fishing for walleye is a popular activity in Ontario. Look for areas with a slow current or structure under the ice. Use jigs or spoons with live bait or plastic bait to attract the fish.


Trolling is a great technique for catching walleye in deeper waters. Use a variety of lures and adjust the speed until you find the right combination.

Night Fishing:

Walleye are more active at night, so consider night fishing if you’re not having luck during the day. Use jigs or crankbaits with a slow retrieve to attract the fish.

Vertical Jigging:

This technique is especially effective in deep water. Use a heavy jig and drop it to the bottom, then slowly lift it and drop it again to mimic a wounded baitfish.

Drift Fishing:

Drift fishing is a great technique for covering a lot of ground. Use live bait or plastic bait and let it drift with the current. Adjust your technique based on the depth and structure of the water.


When it comes to walleye fishing, having the right gear is also important. Make sure to choose the right bass fishing lure for the technique you’re using and don’t forget to keep your lines tight and stay patient.

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Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Bass Fishing:

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to bass fishing, but you’re still not getting any bites? It’s frustrating, but it could be that you’re making some common mistakes that are holding you back.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 8 mistakes to avoid when bass fishing so that you can improve your chances of success on the water.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Lure:

Using the wrong lure for the conditions can be a big mistake when bass fishing in Ontario. It’s important to match the hatch and select the right lure based on the type of water you’re fishing and the feeding habits of the bass.

  1. Fishing Too Fast:

Bass is often found in cover or structure, and fishing too fast can cause you to miss opportunities. It’s important to slow down and take your time to work your lure effectively.

  1. Not Paying Attention to the Weather:

Weather can have a big impact on bass behavior, and it’s important to pay attention to factors like temperature, wind, and barometric pressure when planning your fishing trip.

  1. Using the Wrong Line:

Choosing the right line for the conditions can be critical when bass fishing. A lighter line is better for clear water, while a heavier line is better for fishing around cover.

  1. Not Using a Fish Finder:

A fish finder can be a valuable tool when bass fishing, allowing you to locate fish and identify structures and cover that you might miss otherwise.

  1. Focusing Too Much on One Spot:

While it’s tempting to stay in one spot if you’re catching fish, it’s important to keep moving and explore different areas of the lake or river to find more fish.

  1. Not Paying Attention to Detail:

Small details like changing the color of your lure or adjusting the depth of your bait can make a big difference when bass fishing.

  1. Giving Up Too Soon:

Patience is key when bass fishing, and it’s important to keep trying even if you’re not getting any bites at first. Stick with it and keep trying different techniques until you find what works.

Summing Up:

By being aware of these common mistakes and avoiding them, you can take your bass fishing game to the next level. With a little patience, attention to detail, and the right equipment, you’ll be reeling in big bass in no time.

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Top Reasons to Fish for Walleye in Ontario: The Ultimate Angler’s Adventure

Ontario is renowned for its pristine lakes, teeming with abundant fish species, and one of the most sought-after catches is the elusive walleye. If you’re an avid angler or a fishing enthusiast looking for a thrilling adventure, fishing for walleye in Ontario should be at the top of your bucket list. Some top reasons why Ontario is the ultimate destination for walleye fishing are given below.

The abundance of Walleye Fisheries 

Ontario boasts an incredible number of lakes and rivers that are home to healthy populations of walleye. These popular game fish have elusive nature and challenging behavior, making them a prized catch for anglers. From the vast waters of the Great Lakes to the smaller inland lakes and rivers, Ontario offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities for walleye enthusiasts. Hence, there’re plenty of spots to test your fishing skills. 

Thrilling Walleye Fishing Action

Walleye fishing in Ontario offers thrilling action for anglers of all levels. These fishes do aggressive strikes and fierce fights and provide an adrenaline-pumping experience for those who hook into them. Walleye are known to be most active during the early morning and late evening, providing prime opportunities for exciting fishing adventures. 

Trophy-sized Walleye Catches

If you love fishing trophy-sized walleye, Ontario can be your favorite destination. The city consists of lakes and rivers known for their record-breaking catches. Anglers have the chance to land walleye weighing over 10 pounds, and some even reaching the 15 to 20-pound range. The thrill of landing a trophy walleye is unparalleled, and Ontario’s waters offer ample opportunities for anglers to achieve this feat. 

Stunning Scenery and Pristine Wilderness

In addition to the incredible fishing opportunities, walleye fisheries are set against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery and pristine wilderness. Imagine casting your line in the tranquil waters of a secluded lake surrounded by towering pine trees or fishing in the serene rivers with untouched natural beauty. The vast wilderness and stunning landscapes here provide a unique fishing experience that is as much about immersing in nature as it is about catching fish. The serene ambiance and scenic beauty of fishing destinations add to the overall adventure and make for an unforgettable fishing experience.

Book Your Walleye Fishing Adventure in Ontario Today!

When it comes to planning your walleye fishing adventure in Ontario, Key Harbour Lodge is a perfect choice. Nestled in the heart of Ontario’s wilderness, Key Harbour Lodge offers comfortable accommodations, modern amenities, and unparalleled hospitality to make your fishing trip truly memorable. With their experienced guides and top-notch equipment, you can trust that you’ll have the best tools and knowledge for a successful walleye fishing expedition. 

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Beyond the Basics: A Deep Dive into Fishing Lodges and What You Should Know

Fishing lodges are a haven for anglers seeking an unforgettable fishing getaway. But beyond the basics of booking and packing, there’s much more to know about these unique accommodations. We’re sharing some valuable insights for anglers looking to make the most of their experience. 

  • Exploring the Location: A prime fishing lodge should be strategically situated in an area with abundant fish populations and diverse fishing opportunities. At these locations, anglers can easily go for walleye, pike, bass, and more. The lodge’s pristine surroundings should also offer stunning natural scenery and access to secluded fishing spots, making it an ideal destination for avid anglers. 

  • Accommodations and Amenities: In Ontario, fishing lodges come in various types, from rustic cabins to luxurious lodges. When choosing a fishing lodge, it’s crucial to consider the type of accommodations and amenities available. Key Harbour Lodge offers modern and comfortable cabins with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. The lodge also provides convenient services like fishing equipment and guide services to enhance the fishing experience.

  • Fishing Guides and Expertise: One of the significant advantages of fishing lodges is the access to experienced fishing guides. These guides possess local knowledge, expertise, and insider tips to help anglers make the most of their fishing trip. Guests can benefit from the lodge’s knowledgeable guides who know the waters and fishing techniques like the back of their hands. They can provide valuable guidance on bait selection, fishing techniques, and the best fishing spots to increase the chances of a successful catch.

  • Fishing Equipment and Gear: Carrying your own gear can be challenging, especially if you’re flying to the lodge. However, many fishing lodges, including Key Harbour Lodge, offer fishing equipment rentals, eliminating the need to bring your gear. From fishing rods and reels to tackle boxes and bait, the lodge has you covered with top-quality gear to ensure a smooth and enjoyable fishing experience. So, you can easily go pike fishing, bass fishing, and walleye fishing in Ontario without any concern regarding the management of fishing equipment. 

  • Dining and Culinary Delights: When it comes to fishing lodges, dining is often an integral part of the experience. Many lodges offer on-site dining options that include delicious meals prepared by expert chefs using locally-sourced ingredients. From hearty breakfasts to gourmet dinners, guests can indulge in culinary delights that satisfy their taste buds after a long day of fishing.

Choose Key Harbour Lodge for a Great Fishing Experience!

As a premier fishing lodge in Ontario, Key Harbour Lodge offers a unique and unparalleled fishing experience. With its prime location, comfortable accommodations, experienced fishing guides, top-quality gear, and delicious dining options, Key Harbour Lodge is an ideal destination for avid anglers. Our modern, clean, and comfortable cottages will provide you with a great space for fishing, hunting, and various other adventurous activities. Check out the rates and choose the plan according to your budget and preferences. 

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